Our Poli­cies

The dri­ving les­son time is reserved exclu­sively for you. Please honor our 48 hour can­cel­la­tion policy.

There is a $40 can­cel­la­tion fee if you can­cel with less than 48 hours notice or no show.

$25- Fee for lost com­ple­tion form and return check.

Money is only valid for one year start­ing the day you pay.

Our Prices

$85 - 2 Hours of Dri­ving Train­ing (Fre­mont/​Union City/​Newark)

$255 - 6 Hours of Dri­ving Train­ing (Adult and Teen Pack­age Fre­mont/​Union City/​Newark)

$90 - 2 Hours Dri­ving Class. (Mil­pi­tas)

$270 - 6 Hours Teen/​Adult Pack­age. (Adult and Teen pack­age Milpitas)

$100 - Dri­ving Test Only “For using our car at the DMV(Fre­mont DMV) *Only for the stu­dents who have enrolled in the dri­ving Classes.

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